Bigg Boss 17 Voting Results: Neil Bhatt is Getting Love From Audiece and is Topping the Voting Trend

 Big Boss 17 has been in the news since day 1 as the contestants are not leaving any chance to create dramas inside the house which has attracted the audience's attention. This year, the Bigg Boss has totally changed the theme and created a new concept in the house. House has been divided into three parts: dil, dimag, and dum.

Bigg Boss 17 Voting Results: Neil Bhatt is Getting Love From Audiece and is Topping the Voting Trend

And, while each day brings a new twist to the game, Bigg Boss 17 grabbed news recently because of the nomination task that occurred in the third week.

And the task was done among four contestants. Neil Bhatt, Sana Raees Khan, Manasvi Mamgai, and Isha Malviya are among them. After the nomination task viewers are continuously voting for their favorite contestants to save them.

According to current voting trends, Neil Bhatt has been topping the voting trends with the most votes in his favor. On the other side, Isha and Manasvi appear to be struggling for votes at the moment and appear to be in danger.

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According to voting patterns, Sana has apparently secured the second slot, with Manasvi receiving the fewest votes. Given the voting trends, Manasvi, who entered Bigg Boss 17 as a wild card candidate, is expected to be the second contestant to be ousted from Bigg Boss 17.

Meanwhile, Isha Malviya's personal life has made her the topic of the town since her appearance on Bigg Boss 17. 

While she was seen locking horns with her ex-lover Abhishek Kumar during the big premiere and their frequent squabble in the house drew attention, after Samarth Jurel's entry into the house as a wildcard contestant, dynamics totally changed between Isha and Abhishek now they are not talking with each other.

Samarth is also not happy with Isha as she forgave Abhishek even after all he did to her when they were in a relationship. He also told everything to other contestants about what happened between Isha and Abhishek when they were in a relationship.

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