Bigg Boss 17: Samarth Jurel Entry Has Shaken The Bigg Boss House

Bigg Boss season 17: Bigg 17 is making the headlines and it's been just weeks and still, it's making the audience quite entertaining. In every weekend ka vaar  Salman takes the class of the contestants who are going wrong in the game. Now the wildcard Samarth Jurel has entered the house and has completely shaken the house.

Bigg Boss 17 Samarth Jurel Entry Has Shaken The Bigg Boss House

Samarth Jurel vs. Abhishek Kumar: Clash of the Titans

Samarth Jurel, who is Isha Malviya’s boyfriend, stepping into the house naturally means clashes with Isha’s ex-boyfriend, Abhishek Kumar. In a recent interview before entering Bigg Boss, Isha criticized both her current boyfriend and her ex.

Speaking to Indian Express, Samarth said, “Abhishek is rude and foolish. As for Isha, she is acting immature. I don’t understand their games, but I know how to handle the situation.”

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Samarth Jurel Takes on Abhishek's Behaviour

Samarth Jurel went on to describe Isha's ex-lover as a disrespectful man who lacks consideration for women. “Having a good physique doesn’t make someone a man. He lacks respect for women, speaks rudely, and behaves uncivilizedly. Now that I am here, let’s see how much he can do. I know how to handle both him and Isha,” he told the publication.

Isha Malviya and Samarth Jurel: More Than Meets the Eye?

He admitted that his presence would complicate matters in the house. According to him, Isha is immature and childlike, and despite her villainous appearance, she isn’t what she seems.

Interestingly, a video of Samarth referring to Isha as a ‘friend’ has gone viral. In the video, he talks about their close friendship and denies romantic involvement. 

Samarth revealed that they spent a lot of time together during their work on Udaariyaan and clarified, “There’s nothing like dating between us. She is a very good friend. We are both from Madhya Pradesh.” Watch the video of what he said.

Now what do you think what we will see in the coming days as the environment of the house has totally changed after Samarth Jurel's entry into the house. We can see big clashes among Isha, Samarth, and Abhishek as they have drama on the first day of Samarth entry in the Bigg Boss 17 house.

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