Chitthi Big Shots Web Series Cast: Know The Hot Actresses Name


Chitthi Big Shots Web Series Cast: Know The Hot Actresses Name

The Bigshots OTT platform has been churning out entertaining web series, and their latest offering, "Chitthi," has piqued audience interest. But who are the faces bringing this story to life? Let's delve into the cast of Chitthi and explore their potential roles in the series.

Kamal Krishna Poudyal: A Familiar Face on Bigshots

Leading the pack is Kamal Krishna Poudyal, an actor who Bigshots audiences already know and love. Poudyal has previously graced the platform with his performances in "Dakhila" and "Thand Ka Maja." Details about his character in "Chitthi" are under wraps, but considering his past roles, we can expect him to deliver a charismatic and engaging performance. Perhaps he'll be the central figure around whom the story revolves, or maybe he'll play a pivotal supporting character.

Anu Maurya: Rising Starlet Steps In

Anu Maurya's name in the cast list signifies the introduction of a fresh face on the Bigshots platform. With only three credited episodes, her role might be significant but contained within a specific arc of the story. Whether she portrays the love interest, a friend, or a complex antagonist, Maurya's presence promises to bring new energy to the series.

Priya Roy: A Bigshots Veteran Returns

Priya Roy's inclusion in the cast adds a layer of experience to "Chitthi." Having been part of previous Bigshots projects, Roy brings a level of familiarity and comfort to the audience. Similar to Poudyal, the details surrounding her character are undisclosed. But considering her past roles, we might see her portray a strong female character who leaves a lasting impression.

A Glimpse into the Supporting Cast

While the lead trio takes center stage, whispers on the internet suggest the presence of Amar Hotwani in a single episode. Hotwani's role, though brief, could add another layer of intrigue to the narrative.

Beyond the Actors: Unveiling the Mystery

The limited information about the cast piques our curiosity. Are Poudyal, Maurya, and Roy playing characters intertwined in a complex relationship? Will their paths converge through the letters ("chitti") mentioned in the title?

Speculations and Predictions

The title "Chitthi" hints at a story centered around letters, possibly a romantic narrative or a coming-of-age tale where characters connect through written communication. Perhaps the series explores the power of communication in a world increasingly dominated by technology.

A Look Forward: Bigshots' Recipe for Success

Bigshots has a knack for creating engaging web series with strong casts. By combining established actors like Poudyal and Roy with fresh talents like Maurya, "Chitthi" has the potential to be another captivating addition to their library. With a hint of mystery surrounding the plot and the characters, "Chitthi" promises to keep audiences guessing until the very end.


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