Thand Ka Maza (Bigshots) Cast, Story, Release Date, Actress Name & More

Thand Ka Maza Web Series Actress Name
Thand Ka Maza Web Series Actress Name

Hello, folks today in this article we gonna talk about Thand Ka Maza Bigshots a web series available on the OTT Platform Bigshots. It was released on 23 February 2024 this series features Sweta Yadav, Anu Maurya, Shyna Khatri, and Jonita D'Cruz in the lead roles. Their fans will love their favorite actress's performance in the series.


Thand Ka Maza Web Series

GenreDrama, Romance and Bold
ProducerR R
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu
OTT PlatformBigshots App
Release DatePart 1 on 23rd February 2024
Release Year2024

Thand Ka Maza Web Series Storyline

"Thand Ka Maza" is a web series featured on the Bigshots platform. The storyline focuses on the lives of two sisters who find themselves grappling with a severe cold spell. The narrative unfolds around their experiences and struggles during this period.

 The series is crafted to be a bold and multi-language Indian production, featuring Shyna Khatri, Anu Maurya, and Sweta Yadav in leading roles. Each episode, totaling three in the series, delves into the sisters' day-to-day challenges as they navigate through their cold-stricken environment. As the series progresses, viewers are taken on a journey through the sisters' lives, highlighting the nuances of their relationship and the impact of the harsh weather on their daily activities.

 The storyline is structured to engage the audience, blending elements of drama and human experience against the backdrop of a cold wave. Overall, "Thand Ka Maza" presents a unique blend of storytelling, focusing on personal struggles and the resilience of human spirit amidst challenging circumstances. It's a tale that resonates with anyone who has faced adversity and emerged stronger.

Thand Ka Maza Bigshots Cast, Actress Name

1. Jonita D'Cruz:  Jonita D'Cruz is an actress and model from India, predominantly known for her roles in web series. Her work has been showcased in various series accessible on popular OTT platforms, including Ullu App and Voovi App.

Jonita D'Cruz
Jonita D'Cruz

2. Shyna Khatri: She plays one of the lead roles in the series. Shyna Khatri is known for her dynamic acting skills, contributing significantly to the depth of her character in the series.
Shyna Khatri
Shyna Khatri

 3. Anu Maurya: Anu Maurya is another key actress in "Thand Ka Maza." Her role adds to the intricate storyline, showcasing her talent in portraying complex characters. 
Anu Maurya
Anu Maurya

 4. Sweta Yadav: Sweta Yadav takes on a prominent role in the series. Her performance is crucial in driving the narrative forward, especially in scenes that require strong emotional expression.
Sweta Yadav
Sweta Yadav

Thand Ka Maza Web Series Download Filmyzilla

How to Watch Thand Ka Maza Web Series Online

You can watch the Thand Ka Maza web series on the Bigshots official app on the Play Store. You just have to type Bigshots in the Google Play Store and download the app from there, then just login with your email or phone number, whichever you want. After creating an account on the Bigshots app, just buy their subscription and enjoy their services.

FAQ's Related to Thand Ka Maza Web Series

1. Thand Ka Maza Web Series Cast Name?
 Sweta Yadav, Anu Maurya, Shyna Khatri, and Jonita D'Cruz are the main cast of Thand Ka Maza.

2. Which platform is Thand Ka Maza Web Series releasing?
 It is released on the Bigshots App.

3.Thand Ka Maza Web Series Download?
You can download it in the Bigshots app by buying their subscription.


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