Bigg Boss 17: Wildcard Contestant Manasvi Mamgai Thinks Fights in Bigg Boss 17 Are Like TV Serials

Bigg Boss: Bigg Boss 17 is making buzz all over the internet and contestants are getting attention from the audience because of the fights they are doing inside the house. Meanwhile, Manasvi who was eliminated on a recent weekend ka vaar has spoken about the fights that happened inside the house.

Wildcard Contestant Manasvi Mamgai Thinks Fights in Bigg Boss 17 Are Like TV Serials

Unexpectedly, Bigg Boss 17 contestant Manasvi Mamgai put doubt on the credibility of the fights between Vicky Jain, Neil Bhatt, Aishwarya Sharma, and Ankita Lokhande that took place inside the Bigg Boss house. Former cast member Mamgai expressed her opinions on social media, saying that the conflicts between the participants feel contrived and more like something you would see in a TV serial.

Bollywood actress and former beauty queen Mamgai claims that several scenes on the show seem staged and scripted rather than real. She said, "I've watched Bigg Boss, and I can tell that there are battles that seem too good to be true. The feelings are presented as though they are scripted, much like in a television serials."

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Fans and industry insiders have been debating Mamgai's remarks. Despite the dramatization of the show, Mamgai's observations have left viewers curious about what goes on behind the scenes. Bigg Boss's production crew has not yet replied to Mamgai's remarks.

Mamgai's viewpoint has given the current season of Bigg Boss an intriguing edge as viewers follow the turmoil within the house. It remains to be seen if the producers of the show will handle these issues or if the competitors will react to Mamgai's remarks. There's no denying that the Bigg Boss house is a frenzy of activity that keeps viewers guessing about what will happen next.

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